New Construction, Excavation, Site Work, and Pipe Repairs

Hinterland Group has been working with cities, governments, and organizations to complete their water, sewer, and drainage projects for over 15 years.

Our experienced team of licensed civil and construction engineers have the skills and resources to help with water and sewage projects throughout the United States and Canada.

Working together with your project managers, we will develop the best possible solutions in order to meet your specific needs while keeping your budget in mind.

Hinterland Group’s Civil Division specializes in the following Water, Sewer and Drainage applications:

  • New Construction
  • Point Repairs
  • Manhole or New Structure Installation
  • Manhole or Structure Repairs
  • Swale and Irrigation Canal grading/restoration
  • Culvert Installation & Repair

Utility Sitework Services For Your Needs

Water Main Installation

Hinterland Group installs miles of water main and hundreds of new services each year for various municipal and private clients. Our crews are equipped to install all the available types of water main like DIP and PVC in any size necessary to meet the needs of our clients

Force Main Installation

Hinterland Group regularly installs force main in diameters ranging from 2” all the way up to 48”.  Our crews have the necessary equipment and expertise to install any size pipe that may be needed to meet the service demands of the site.

Manhole and Drainage Structure Installation

Hinterland Group has installed drainage structures in all different sizes and shapes. We have the equipment and expertise to install Baffle Boxes, Lift Stations, Control Structures, Headwalls, and any other drainage structure necessary to properly manage the water on any site.

Manhole or Lift Station Repairs

Hinterland Group performs lining and repairs of manholes and wet wells with our cost effective Refratta, which is a calcium aluminate, cementitious lining product. Hinterland also performs masonry repairs to adjust rim elevations, repair benches and channels, and pipe penetrations as needed

Installation of New Lift stations

Hinterland Group is a one stop shop for new lift station installations. We perform all the necessary sitework, excavation, dewatering, well installation, mechanical component installation, and electrical component installations to install fully functioning lift stations capable of servicing thousands of homes and businesses.

Box Culvert Installation

From small driveway swale crossings to large highway river crossing installations, Hinterland Group is capable of installing any size of drainage culvert in order to convey water from one side of a roadway to another.

Dewater Systems In-House

Hinterland Group has a wide variety of pumps, well points, hoses, and other equipment in-house to meet the dewatering needs of almost any capacity.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Work

Hinterland Group performs the upgrading and maintenance of various water and wastewater treatment plant components. Some of the services we provide to the plants are dewatering, sludge removal, equipment installations, pipe and valve replacements, and electrical upgrades and installations.

Gravity Sewer Installation

Hinterland Group installs storm and sanitary gravity sewers ranging in sizes from yard drains to large culverts and in all depths up to 25 feet. We have the necessary shoring, dewatering, and excavating equipment to be able to install whatever pipe is necessary to meet the needs of the site.

Sewer Overflow Response

Hinterland Group is equipped with the necessary vactor trucks, pumps, and crews to quickly and safely handle overflow of storm or sanitary sewers in emergency response situations

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Ready for Your Project?

Since 2006, we have provided top rated customer service and created lasting client relationships. We can manage, operate and perform any task at hand. No job is too small!

Ready for Your Project?

Since 2006, we have provided top rated customer service and created lasting client relationships. We can manage, operate and perform any task at hand. No job is too small!