For more than over a decade Hinterland Group has had the pleasure serving the entire state of Florida, with all their water & sewer needs. We pride ourselves in having #1 customer service with lasting client relationships. Here at Hinterland, we have the ability to manage, operate and perform any task at hand. No job is too small or grandiose. Our services includes new construction, capital improvement projects, and emergency response while also boasting an experienced electrical division. Using our vast resources, Hinterland Group can assist with private sanitary sewer or storm drain needs to community site work. We have the equipment and the expertise necessary to see our projects through, the right way. With experts in our division and years of experience in the field of construction, you can rely on us to see your vision through.



I had four homes in a recent flood, and was wading in the water the next day. Nothing was happening and then your team showed up, you guys were great! You had the right pumps and you knew what to do. I will always remember how fast things changed after Hinterland arrived. A big thank you.

Julian R.

Over the years we have performed work on over a hundred individual projects with Hinterland Group. Unlike many contractors they provide what you need to complete your work in a timely manner and emphasize teamwork. We have always had a good working relationship with them.

Steve N.

I have nothing but positive things to say about the staff at Hinterland Group. Everyone is always willing to help each other out, and there is always something new to learn! Management is kind and supportive to all employees, and Human Resources treats everyone as equals.

Emily D.

Hinterland’s team of experienced personnel, both in the office and field, are knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. Issues, although seldom, are always resolved amicably and promptly. We truly appreciate the opportunity to work with Jay and the Hinterland Team!

Dominik M.


Hinterland Group has managed to become one of the premiere environmental contractors in the state of Florida servicing the water and waste-water industries. As an industry leader we have established a reputation of quality workmanship in both the municipal and private market sectors. We attribute our success and growth to not only the great staff and construction team, but also to the great customers and clients who make it all possible. We look forward to working with you on your next project and are certain you too will be pleased with our skilled construction team.